Welcome to Restored Soda Machines!
note: ALL machines pictured are machines we personally restored

Here's what some of our past customers have said about our work:

Carl, I received the machine yesterday and it is just the way you described it with outstanding craftsmanship in the restoration of it. I truly appreciate you taking the time and effort to do such a great job packing it for transport. I will certainly recommend your machines to anyone if they want quality.Thanks again, Brian

Dear Carl, Sorry it has taken us so long to get back to you about the coke (81A) machine, work has been very busy. We just wanted to say thanks for such a beautiful machine it's just flawless,the detail and pride in the workmanship is just amazing,all the way down to the way you wrapped it and the moving company delivered it. Look forward to someday getting another machine from you. Thanks Steven & Theresa

We received machine and it is PERFECT ! We just love it. The shipping company was so nice and professional. Everything went 100%. You have been GREAT to work with and so nice. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays !

My husband LOVES his machine!!!!!! He has shown it to everyone in the town or who comes by the house. We have it loaded with drinks and ready to use. Thank you so very much for all your hard work, picture taking, information. You are the greatest.

Hi Carl,
Just wanted to let you know that we got the machine last Monday, and it FAR exceeded our expectations. The Coke machine is amazing, I have had so many people come over just to see it and they are just amazed at how well you restored it. You do BEAUTIFUL work!!! My husband was shocked and amazed at how well ever thing runs, and it brought back some good memories for grandparents.

Thank you again, this was well worth the investment, and I know this will definitely be passed down to our kids.

Take care,

Carl, I got the machine home (Vendo 81) yesterday without any problem. It looks great!!! We had a neighbor over to see it and they were amazed at your work. They said more than few times that it looks “brand new”. Needless to say it’s a great conversation piece. It even makes it more fun to discuss, since you were able to share some time with me at your shop telling me some of the history of the machines and showing me all the very fine details work through to restore a machine. Thanks again for taking PRIDE in you work!

Carl: The machine arrived this afternoon, and man am I impressed. I was expecting good. What I got was great! It is absolutely beautiful. You are to be commended on your professional restoration. Thanks a million! Also---thanks for your help in the shipping.

I picked up the Pepsi machine from Forward Air on Tues. April 16th, bought it home and sat it up for about 10 hours. I plugged it in and it runs and looks perfect! I am very pleased with the machine. You obviously took quite a bit of time and detail went into this machine.

I finally got the machine today, WOW...., I never thought it would look this nice, I have visited some local dealers in the Dallas area that sell refurbished machines and I think their idea of refurbishing and yours are two different things.
The machines I saw here could not hold a candle to yours, they are very cheaply done, and now that I have seen one done the right way, it is easy to tell whospends the time and effort to do an outstanding job and who does just what they have to, to get by, and sell a half aXX done machine.
Great job, great machine, I will recommend you to any one looking for a wonderful piece of history.

Lastly - my impression from the outside is that the machine is totally flawless. I looked for 20 minutes - just trying to find a dink . . a scuff mark . . . a hairline scratch . . . something, anything - but I came up empty ! ! ! Kudos on a fine restoration.

Carl, Hi!! Steve and I wanted to thank you selling us the Cavalier Coke Machine. It is exactly as you described it:MINT SHOW CONDITION. You did an amazing job on restoring every inch of the machine, we are THRILLED. I also wanted to commend you on the professional and expeditious manner in which you handled this transaction. We highly recommend you to any potential customers and will call you if we or any of our friends have a need for something else.

Carl, the Coke Machine is absolutely beautiful. The nicest one I have ever seen. I'm glad that I waited all those years until the right one came along. I'm sure it will bring me years of happiness.
Thank You Very Much, Christine.

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